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About us?

Tralamai is a 100% Mexican company, proud of its roots, born at a critical global moment, in which Mexican artisans inspire the creation of a formal company.

Tralamai offers fine and unique art, representing the cultures and traditions of our Mexico, giving a boost to fair trade Tralamai employs Mexican artisans looking for a formal source of income, creating art for the home, with materials of the highest quality, in search of their position in the market. What do we have in common? We are women of solidarity, we value our essence, we recognize our work; but above all the value of our Mexican crafts, widely recognized and admired by the national and international market.


In these times when humanity has been seriously threatened by the pandemic, caused by COVID-19, forcing us to change our routines, activities, customs, and postpone our short, medium and long-term objectives, not everything has been bad . Many of us have been able to work remotely and spend more time in our homes, recovering time to be able to live together as a family, to reflect within ourselves, noting our human fragility.

There are many vulnerable groups in Mexico, among them large artisans who lack sufficient resources to get ahead and generally depend on tourism.

As Mexicans, we must be proud of our artisans because they are the guardians of very ancient techniques, thanks to which they transform clay, vegetable fibers, wood and stones into true masterpieces. Children from an early age, together with their parents and grandparents, learn to work with these materials, which have been provided free of charge by nature. With time and experience, they create beautiful handicrafts, innovating more and more their designs.

Each piece that emerges from his hands is unique and unrepeatable.

TRALAMAI was born as a way to support our Mexican artisans, so that they sustain themselves with dignity, making known the wonderful works of art that arise from their hands, valuing each of their creations, which will help us to give a special and refined touch to the decoration of different spaces in our house.

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